The Road Show does require the assistance from members of your school to provide a safe and controlled environment to entertain your students. Below is a list of requirements needed.

  • A site visit at least one week prior to the performance will be required to ensure the staging area or demonstration space meet safety criteria.
    Minimum of four meters separation between staging area and students.
  • Staging area should be able to accommodate two (2x) two-meter folding tables with nearby electrical outlets, plus one additional small folding table.
    Require access to staging area a minimum of 1.5 hours prior to demonstration start, with at least 30 minutes to prep between shows.
  • Area must have access to fire exits and remain clear of obstructions.
  • Area must have access to a water source, such as a bathroom sink.
  • Students should be controlled by teachers or administrations and not allowed to enter the staging area. Students and spectators should also not be directly on the right or left of the staging area.
  • The shows should be performed in your auditorium or large assembly area in order to maximize the number of students, as long as safety measures and safety exits are kept clear. Our recommended maximum capacity for one show would be between 150-200 students.
  • Access to a loading/unloading area with access to staging area.
  • If members of the audience wish to be included as a potential participant, they must be wearing closed- toed shoes, all jewelry on the hands will be asked to be removed, and gutras or shaylas may be asked to be tucked into the appropriate attire.

Safety Comes First

After your Road Show registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email to secure your date. Our Road Show staff will schedule a brief site visit several weeks before your program to go over the staging area, safety aspects, volunteer opportunities and show timings. On the day of the show, the Road Show van will arrive one hour before showtime to set up and prep for the performance.

Be sure to review the school preparation letter when you request a visit.