Designed for students from grades 7–9, the Engineering Explorers programs are an introduction to engineering problem solving and prototyping. Participants design and build machines used to solve real-world problems. Past examples have included building a craft capable of cleaning up Qatar’s vast coastline, hovercrafts, model airplane and wing design, creating remote controlled airships, and underwater robots.

Qatar Invents is an exciting program in which participants learn the fundamentals of the engineering design process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Students from grades 9–12 will be tasked with coming up with novel solutions to serious problems, building prototypes, and successfully defending their inventions to a panel of experts.

Engineering Heroes is designed to demonstrate that engineering is essential in all aspects of life, participants in grades 9–12 will learn how engineering is used in a variety of careers centered on the heroes of daily life. Past themes included the use of drone technology with members of Qatar’s military, and the science and engineering behind crime scene analysis with Qatar’s investigators with the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, and robotics use in cleaning and securing Qatar’s vast coastline.

A massive summer program where grade 9-11 students spend several weeks designing and building a focused engineering project. Previous programs included 3D printing, wireless electronics and aeronautical engineering.

Our most competitive program! Top grade-11 students compete in completing an actual research project under the mentorship of Texas A&M University at Qatar professors and researchers for three weeks. Working in the university laboratories, students learn complex aspects of petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. At the end of their program, they present their research to a panel of academic and industry experts. Successful participants are considered our National Vision Scholars.

During the quarantine and social distancing restrictions, our Outreach team was quickly able to transition into the online learning sphere. Virtual learning programs have included the engineering design process, LEGO robotics, 3D computer-aided design, and mobile phone application programming.