What is Creative Fusion?

Creative Fusion is an exciting online program hosted by Texas A&M University at Qatar for the second time to provide an opportunity for high school students to explore the fundamentals of 3D modeling while learning from home. Students in grades 9–12 will learn the basics of creating, editing and analyzing their 3D designs, recognize the importance of creating 3D models in engineering, and understand how 3D printing works as they create their own 3D models. Students will receive weekly online training sessions. Instruction is available in English and Arabic.

How can I participate?

The training is open to all students in grades 9-12 who reside in Qatar. Instruction will be provided via videoconference and an online learning platform. Only students who complete submission of the weekly tasks will receive a certificate.

How much does it cost?

The only cost is your time. Registration for the Creative Fusion program is open and free for all students in Qatar.

What do I need?

Participants only need a computer and Internet access to take part.

What should I expect?

Creative Fusion is an introductory course to the basics of 3D modeling and its importance in engineering applications. The students will create a design solution to the presented project through a series of weekly online lessons and tasks. The weekly time commitment is approximately 4–6 hours.

Registration is closed.

Schedule Overview

week 1
Let’s Sketch (Intro to Technical Sketching)
week 2
3Ds: Define, Design and Develop (3D modeling)
week 3
Engineer Your Models (Creating Basic 3D Models)
week 4
From Design to Production (3D Printing)

Get Ready

Here’s what you’ll need to participate in Creative Fusion.

  • Internet connection

  • Computer

  • Google or Gmail account

  • Fusion 360 software by Autodesk (download here)
  • Printer to print grid paper (download here)