What is Virtual Robotics Games?

The Virtual Robotics Games (VRG) program is an integrated online learning workshop and competition hosted by Texas A&M University at Qatar to provide an opportunity for middle and high school students to explore the fundamentals of designing, building, programming, and testing robots in virtual environment while learning from home.

Students in grades 8–12 will learn the basics of robot design, coding and simulation and refining their ideas for a working robot in a virtual environment using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 virtual platform.

Students will receive weekly online training sessions. Using state-of-the-art design and simulation software, participants will build a robot to complete the assigned mission. They will also present and defend their designs to a panel of robotics experts.

How can I participate?

The training and challenge are open to all students in grades 8–12 who reside in Qatar. Instruction will be provided via videoconference and an online learning platform.

Only students who complete submission of the weekly tasks will receive a certificate and be eligible to compete for awards in the end-of-program competition.

How much does it cost?

The registration in VRG program is open and free for all students in Qatar. However, the students will need to purchase the simulation software license (QAR 100 per participant). Instructions will be provided to the selected applicants.

What do I need?

You need a computer, an Internet connection and a Google or Gmail account. Students also will need to download some software. Instructions with download links will be provided to the selected applicants. You do NOT need to buy any robotics kit.

What should I expect?

VRG is intended to let participants learn the introduction to mechanical design, the fundamentals of robotics, 3D design, and basic programming using a virtual simulation software. Expect lots of hands-on work — and lots of fun!

Participants only need a computer and Internet access to take part. The students will develop a working robot to the challenge presented through a series of weekly online lessons and tasks. Students also will present and demonstrate their robots to a panel of TAMUQ engineers.

The weekly time commitment is approximately 4-6 hours.

Registration is closed.

Schedule Overview

week 1
Let’s Build: Intro to Robot Building in a Virtual Environment
week 2
Let’s Innovate: Intro to Advanced Robot Construction Skills
week 3
Let’s Program: Intro to Robot Programming
week 4
Let’s Program: Intro to Robot Programming
week 5
Let’s Simulate: Intro to Simulation Fundamentals
week 6
Let’s Compete: Advanced Simulation Lessons

Get Ready

Here’s what you’ll need to participate in Virtual Robotics Games.

  • Internet connection

  • Computer

  • Google or Gmail account

  • Software license (QAR 100)